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Unna is a beautiful town in Germany's Ruhr area. Find out about its most interesting spots and events. This blog has been provided by form 6c of Pestalozzi Grammar School.

The donkey

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The donkey

The donkey is the symbol of Unna, because the citizens are pig-headed, but they are industrious.

As many people had a donkey in former times, the animal became a important symbol in Unna. A map of Unna from 1828 shows that there was an „Eselspfad“ (donkey path) and an „Eselskamp“ (donkey field). In 1978 some people built a sculpture of a donkey made of bronze. The sculpture is for the new well of the market place. The donkey is the most photographed work of art in Unna.

In 2009 the donkey made it big. Entrepreneurs and dealers financed 25 donkeys of all colours and company-typical designs.

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The donkey