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Unna is a beautiful town in Germany's Ruhr area. Find out about its most interesting spots and events. This blog has been provided by form 6c of Pestalozzi Grammar School.

The Italian Festival

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Italian Festival

The Italian Festival is a big festival with lots of offers.in German it is called Festa Italiana. It’s the biggest Italian festival north of the Alps. The festival takes place in the city centre of Unna. The Italian Festival begins on the 3rd June 2015 and ends on the 7th June 2015. Every two years about 200.000 people from all counties of Europe visit the festival. At the festival are lots of illuminated arches.

How the festival came to Unna

In 1985 an inkeeper from Italy brought three illuminated aches to Unna. He wanted the people of Unna to have a “festa”, like one from southern Italy. The people liked that very much. So the festival grew.


At the Italian Festival are a lot of stands with food, drinks and pieces of jewellery and of course a ferris wheel and a carousel. There’s Italian food, cold and hot drinks. There are drinks with alcohol too. Other stands sell chains/necklaces, other pieces of jewellery, lamps, bits and pieces and sweets.

How was the festival in earlier times?

The festival was very little: There weren’t lots of illuminated aches and there weren’t lots of stands. So there weren’t many visitors. For the second festival visitors from Pisa came to Unna. Before, the festival (the Italian Festival) wasn’t so famous.

The Result

The festival has grown a lot. So, now it is bigger, prettier, more modern and more visitors come and visited the Italian Festival.

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