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The Linden Brewery

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The Linden Brewery

The Lindenbrauerei (Linden brewery) is a former brewing site in Unna. The brewery produced the ’Linden beer’ till 1979 the former Sudhaus, the Kesselhaus and the Schalander building as well as the chimney with the Fibonacci sequence stand under conservation of monuments and historic buildings.

Today the Lindenbrauerei is a cultural centre in Unna. In the event rooms of the Linden brewery are often concerts and other events. Inside the brewery you also find a restaurant and a pub. Since September 2002 the linden beer has been brewed again. You can only buy the lime beers in the Lindenbrauerei. The Linden brewery is a part of the route of the international light art.

Since 2004 the center of information and education (ZIB), has been on the premises of the Lindenbrauerei. Also you find the ‘Volkshochschule’, the library, the town archive, and other educational offers here.

After the end of beer brewing in the Lindenbrauerei in 1979 the brewery developed to a cultural center. For twenty years the Lindenbrauerei has belonged to one of the biggest social-cultural centers in the republic.

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The Linden Brewery
The Linden Brewery
The Linden Brewery