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Unna's radio station "Antenne Unna"

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Unna's radio station "Antenne Unna"


Antenne Unna is a radio station with has been broadcasting in and around Unna since the 30th December 1991.The chief editor is Thorsten Wager. Antenne Unna has a mascot named Scotty. Scotty is a meerkat that lives in the Dortmund Zoo. Antenne Unna has taken a sponsorship for Scotty.


From Monday to Friday, you can listen for eight hours a day Antenne Unna. At the weekend you can listen for three hours. Every morning Antenne Unna broadcasts Antenne Unna in the morning. Then there is Antenne Unna in the afternoon and Antenne Unna in the evening. On Thursday is Antenne Unna on Thursday. Radio NRW takes part of the program. Antenne Unna informs about news, speed control-and traffic information and more.


In the station's building are many rooms. There are editorial rooms, studios, conference rooms and the techniques room (also called master-control room).

-Editorial rooms

There are computers, where everything is archived and stored, for example the music, programs, interviews and other contributions, plus the fail recordings.


There are three studios at Antenne Unna. Here the radio announcers speak, for example the news into the mike and the words are recorded.

-Conference rooms

Here the editors talk and discuss about important decisions. There is a big and a little conference room.

-Technics room (Master-control room)

In this room are many cables, switches and computers. They must be cooled, because otherwise they can overheat.

Interview with Antenne Unna chief editor Thorsten Wagner

What is it like to speak into a microphone?

Through the headphones you can hear your own voice, which is at the beginning rather unusual. But after some time you get used to it.

Would you like to listen to your program as a listener?

Yes I listen to our program, because it's interesting and entertaining and I love our music.

Has it always been your dream to be a radio announcer?

Actually I always wanted to be a journalist, but then a lot private radio stations started to broadcast ,so they looked for radio announcers.

What is the task as a chief editor?

My task is that the program is interesting, that everybody is busy, that there are many different themes and that the listeners like our program. I am responsible for the team.

Do you do everything live?

Everything is live, except things like phone calls, music, or other special events. These are prerecorded and cut into the program. The radio center in Oberhausen does a little bit of the program.

Where do you get your information from?

We get our information from reporters, public authorities, research, corporations, press information(Which we get from email, post and fax),police reports(interviews, agencies like the German press agency),broadcasting agencies.

What is your favorite event and is there a schedule of the events that happen?

My favorite event is the old town party. This year it is going to be on the 20th of June. Christina Stürmer is going to perform there. Yes, there is a schedule of all the events. Right now our event is the "Frischmacher". This event goes from the 4th of May to the 22end of May.




Unna's radio station "Antenne Unna"
Unna's radio station "Antenne Unna"
Unna's radio station "Antenne Unna"
Unna's radio station "Antenne Unna"
Unna's radio station "Antenne Unna"
Unna's radio station "Antenne Unna"
Unna's radio station "Antenne Unna"
T. Wagner

T. Wagner