Experience Unna

Unna is a beautiful town in Germany's Ruhr area. Find out about its most interesting spots and events. This blog has been provided by form 6c of Pestalozzi Grammar School.


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Unna is a district town with 59,143 residents. The district includes the towns Selm, Lünen, Werne, Holzwickede, Kamen, Bergkamen, Fröndenberg, Schwerte and Bönen. Moreover Unna has an area of 88.56 square kilometers and was founded in 1032, but Unna already existed in the new stone age. Unna has a few twin towns, namely Ajka (in Hungary), Döbeln (in Germany), Enkirch (in Germany too), Palaiseau (in France), Pisa (in Italy) and Waalwijk (in the Netherlands).

Some important historical events happened in Unna. In1303 and 1308 Unna burned down, because the archbishops of Cologne wanted more taxes. Moreover in 1597 there was a pest. 1,400 people died of the pest, half of the population.

In Unna there are some interesting events and festivals, e. g. “U(n)na Festa Italiana” (every second year) “A la carte” (every second year too) the city festival(every year) “Medieval market(every year too) and the Christmas market (every year too). Also Unna is famous for the Light Art Museum. There you can see funky light shows. Other sights are the town church and the Hellweg Museum. If you don’t like seeing sights, you can go to the cinema, the skate park and to the “Kurpark”. Moreover you can visit the market in the city on Tuesdays and Fridays.

All in all Unna is a very interesting and nice town, where you can do many cool things. So visit Unna and have fun!