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Unna is a beautiful town in Germany's Ruhr area. Find out about its most interesting spots and events. This blog has been provided by form 6c of Pestalozzi Grammar School.

Art school for the youth

Veröffentlicht am 31. Mai 2015 von Kristin + Emilia + Nadja

Hey Guys!

Yesterday we were in Unna at the art school for the youth. It was so cool: ,,Guys visit it!”. We met Sabine Miermeister (she is responsible for the music) and she told us about the school. We went to a group of kids who learned to play the guitar.

The teacher was so nice, he told the kids what they can do better and he was so funny. The kids had a lot of fun. Also she told us about the theatre and the dancing groups. It is so great that the people can learn to act, and to dance and to make films, and, and, and …
It is a great opportunity … use it!


The name Jeki means: ,,An instrument for every kid”.

More than 900 children from some schools in Unna take part in the project which is offered at schools in Unna. In the first school year the children can try ,,Jeki” one year for free. For the second year you must pay 20 euros for every month and in the third and fourth school years you must pay 35 euros every month.

You can choose one instrument from accordion to trumpet.

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